What is HELP2

HELP2 is a project funded by the European Commission as part of the Erasmus education program.

HELP2 expanded the existing and worldwide free of charge learning platform HELP - Healthcare English Language Program. In 2017 the program was awarded by the European Language Label (see the link: https: //help-theproject.eu/moodle/).

The main features of HELP2 platform are:

  • Free access to all learning modules;
  • For everyone who wants or needs to improve his/her communication skills in a foreign language and his/her intercultural competence;
  • It is focused on the areas of nursing and geriatric care;
  • There are learning modules in English and German for medical staff;
  • It has a modular structure in Moodle;
  • It follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages at B1 / B2 levels in English and German;

It is suitable for learner-centered formal learning arrangements in education and independent learning in the health workplace.

What does HELP2 provide?

  • 14 new modules (among the 20 available from HELP) in medical English and intercultural topics;
  • 10 Modules in German, including seven modules in topic of general health care  and three modules in intercultural topics.

  • Curious? Please find more information in our introductory video