Klaipeda University

Klaipėda University today enters into third decade of existence. It is the only structurally full-rate university in a large part of Western Lithuania, where a perspective industrial and commercial potential is rallied, where marine complex is developed and distinctive cultural traditions are cherished. It was established for realization of scientific researches and studies in marine topics. Dominant in the University are trends in scientific researches, artistic activity and academic activities, which are not cultivated by other Lithuanian universities. It develops as an autonomous and modern scientific and study centre. Rapidly growing University today is home for over 6000 students, 4000 independent auditors, 1,300 staff, including 500 professors, associate professors and lecturers, including 5 national award winners in science, culture and art. The University is implementing the mission of upbringing, focused on humans and intellectual society. It also cherishes cultural and historical heritage of Western Lithuania and old traditions. Unity of science and studies, their qualitative integration into national and European scientific space remains to be the major principle of its activity.

Klaipėda University is a member of academic network, involving association of European universities and Baltic region universities. Mission of the University is universal and exceptional in satisfaction of national demands for high quality professionals in fundamental and applied researches. It undertakes study programmes, corresponding to international requirements and standards. Underlying scientific trend in the University is cohesive development of the Baltic region and national identity under the conditions of globalization. It is closely linked to scientific and artistic activity of other university subdivisions. The University enjoys scientific and academic partnership with 28 European and other universities. It is involved in many international funds and programmes.

  • Over 1200 students presently learning in 14 study programmes of 6 departments
  • Training of highly qualified experts and practitioners, satisfying personal and social demands for health improving service, providing this service and implementing scientific research activity for improvement and protection of health
  • Modern, locally and internationally recognized and integrated higher school
  • Educational process is closely related to scientific researches and practical activities


Dr. Aelita Skarbalienė is an associate professor and a research fellow at Klaipėda University (Lithuania). She specializes in health care quality issues and psychosocial healthcare aspects: leadership, emotional intelligence, verbal and non-verbal communication, etc. That is her both research and teaching interests. Besides teaching in Lithuania, she gives lectures to medical and nursing students in Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Greece, etc.

Aelita holds a Ph.D. in Social Sciences and her researches have been published in academic peer-review journals and presented at many international conferences. Her experience also includes development and implementation of training programs aimed to increase competencies to better address psychosocial dimensions of health care problems and enhanced abilities to apply skills for behavioral change communication.

Aelita has worked in many national and international projects with a particular focus on psychosocial, health and education issues. She has experience in coordinating and managing projects and is currently involved in a few EU projects.