Kick-off meeting in Klaipeda, LT

The project team met for a kick-off meeting in Klaipeda, Lithuania, from 11-10 December 2018. The event started with a conference entitled: Foreign Language and Intercultural Competence: A Challenge in Healthcare Education and Practice, held at the Klaipeda University. Speakers emphasised the need for a good-quality language education for the healthcare and shared their experience from academia and practice. The programme offered an opportunity to present the outputs of the previous HELP project and the goals of HELP2, with testimonials from Erasmus+ student mobility as well as the possibility to integrate the HELP learning programme into curricula. You can have a look at the programme here. A video report for a local TV from the conference:

Over the follwing days, the aims for the upcoming period were set and the team is eager to start developing the new thematic modules. New features of the Moodle platform were presented and they promise a substantial improvement in the design of the modules and interactive exercises.

We will be happy to show more as soon as the first modules are out!