What is HELP2?

  • A follow-up project based on an award-winning HELP – Healthcare English Language Programme (http://help-theproject.eu), holder of the 2017 European Language Label for its creative, innovative and outstanding achievements in the field of language learning and teaching;
  • A free online and offline learning programme for effective communication in English and German in the healthcare setting;
  • For anyone who wants and/or needs to improve their communication skills – foreign language skills and intercultural skills – for their professional development;
  • A learning programme focused on the area of healthcare to prepare students for the challenges of the European workplace;
  • Comes in English and in German language – the two most wanted languages in the European context;
  • Modular structure with thematic areas based on healthcare specialties and professional skills;
  • A powerful language-learning tool designed for formal and informal learning settings;
  • Intended for classroom and individual learning, lifelong learning programmes, e-learning and blended learning courses;
  • A modern tool making the most of digital technologies, multi-media, interactive content.